However, the components of the conveyor belt such as, idlers and rolls, are prone to damage from heavy impact, abrasive environment, dust, and moisture. Such damage can lead to:
Loss of production
Expensive repairs
One of the most common maintenance challenges for conveyor belt is conveyor idler bearing failure. To repair a failed bearing requires stoppage of the conveyor, removal, disassembly and replacement of the idler roll, causing costly repairs, and interrupted production.
Contamination is the leading cause of bearing failure, as it dries out the lubricant, and causes the bearing to fail. Most existing bearing protection solutions (e.g., labyrinth seals, protection covers, lip seals, use of enclosed bearings) are not always effective as air flow due to thermal expansion and contraction during conveyor idler operation may suck dust particles through a seal into the bearing.
SPS Industries created innovative solutions for manufacturing of conveyor idlers. This patented technology extends service life of conveyor idler rolls, increases their reliability, while substantially reducing manufacturing costs.
Increased bearing MTBF
Significant cost-reduction of conveyor idlers
Press fit assembly eliminates welding
Retrofittable into existing installations without changes to conveyor idlers

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