For over 10 years we have worked on how to extend the life of a conveyor idler bearing without increasing manufacturing costs. As a result, we have developed and patented a single-piece bearing protector with a built-in felt seal.

Reduce conveyor maintenance costs

Superior bearing protection in dry and lubricating operations
Increased bearing MTBF
Retrofittable into existing installations without changes to conveyor idlers
Superior bearing performance
SPS Felt Seal effectively protects bearings from particulates and moisture, helping to extend the life of the bearing and prevent premature failure.
SPS Felt Seal is offered in two configurations: dry and lubricated (re-greasable). Dry SPS Felt Seals are highly effective at filtering out contaminating particles. Using lubricated SPS Felt Seals in re-greasable conveyor bearings enables trapping of even smaller particles.
SPS Felt Seal has a high capacity to store lubrication released by the ball complement. Felt material can absorb many times its weight in fluids.
SPS Felt Seal uses capillary properties of felt to deliver consistent fluid flow and provide for lubrication during conveyor operation, including after extended idle periods.
Reduced friction
Dry felt against steel has a low friction coefficient of friction that is further reduced when using felt impregnated with lubricants.
SPS Felt Seal traps abrasive particles, effectively preventing them from entering the moving components. Felt maintains its physical properties as it wears and protects the surfaces by polishing them instead of scoring them.
Wide applicability
Fully compatible with standard bearing dimensions. Simple and straightforward installation, including retrofit of existing conveyor idler and roll assemblies.


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