One of the ways to decrease conveyor maintenance costs is to reduce inertial mass of conveyor idler rolls and their run-out. For this we have developed light and high-strength polymer endcaps.

Reduce conveyor maintenance costs

Press fit assembly eliminates welding
Prolonging the conveyor belt life
Reduced inertial mass for improved start-up
Significant cost-reduction of conveyor idlers
Welding-free press fit assembly to produce sealed conveyor idler is faster and more cost-effective, reducing labor costs and improving overall production efficiency.
Prolonging the conveyor belt life
Pressed fit SPS Polymer Endcap provides rigidity and a smooth rounded edge. It helps to prevent conveyor belt tears by eliminating sharp edges of the steel tube, ultimately increasing the lifespan of the belt.
Increased idler MTBF
Eliminates the risk of belt tears and misalignment
Enables steel tube alignment which reduces conveyor idler rolls run-out
Corrosion and impact load resistant
Lighter than most metals without compromising strength
Impact load resistant
SPS Polymer Endcap has excellent impact load resistance. When compared to traditional steel endcaps, which can dent or deform under heavy loads, high-strength polymer endcaps remain intact due to their ability to absorb and distribute impact energy. This impact resistance makes polymer endcaps an ideal choice for conveyor systems that handle heavy or abrasive materials, as they can withstand the wear and tear of high-impact loads without sacrificing performance or durability.
Corrosion resistant
SPS Polymer Endcaps are highly resistant to chemical and environmental corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh operating conditions. This superior resistance to corrosion ultimately translates to a longer lifespan for the conveyor idlers, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
Wide applicability
The compatibility of SPS Polymer Endcaps with a wide range of bearings and conveyor idlers makes them a reliable and cost-effective solution for conveyor manufacturers looking to improve the efficiency and durability of their equipment.


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